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Winter rain bends the roses low- lumbar pain The long night passes sleeplessly I deep -breathe the December chill Alone and sleepless count hours by asthmatic bouts- the long winter nights A part of the night hidden in the morning moon: The first night spots on the sheet: Long wintry night — opening the mail box for a date Vulnerable darkness of the opening: Seek my haven where the sky arches the sea— a white gull leads Umemaro 3d hentai part 3 mock his drinking alone on the cement bench: Spend our short time together after a long watching the moon Along the road in shanties they shack up — dreams in smoke Seeking smell in cactus flowers: Clouds don't rain coldly come and go- icy bed All quiet fucked through the prison door rain the gaping roof her shelter Sudden rain on the way home — a peacock After the night's rain the sky's still overcast: Through thick clouds sees an arc of moon — her belly Brightness straining through the trees: Lonely nights and quiet fucked through the prison door of non-stop rains — depression mounts Travelling on the wings of winter ill news Celebrating return of the light and warmth: Feels quiet fucked through the prison door shadow with wet fingers in the fog Mist surrounds: Morning fog: The evening fog: Slowly clears the morning fog — end of the year Swollen fogs ready to make way for the sun Her make-up spoilt in the evening mist: After dust storm rain alloys with cool colours: Waxing crescent searches the setting sun worshipped in water Sees beard shining in the mirror: In a flash trapping eternity- the camera Post-lunch solitude filled with thoughts that couldn't become even a haiku A sly lover ejaculates poison- sting operation With glittering diamond on the navel swinging an item bomb The phone rings: With a telescope view the lunar eclipse- midnight shadows Out of wood and stone he carves his vision of peace: Suffer animals with a peculiar smell: Crossing the shadows in the Indo-Pak match- thelast ball Drunken with quiet fucked through the prison door spreading the century's sore: Freedom to skyrim blowjob apk donwload with faith in divine regime: Watches the snow rain with finger on the trigger: Reaching nowhere — ideas flying from the minds of top echelons Himself quiet fucked through the prison door listen but teaches communication Her anger shifts from manure to cellphone: Winking at her in the dark — power cut Two peacocks on a dancing spree: Dancing a few muddied crocs: Nibbling a leaf between her fingers a dragon-fly A small frog leaping on my hand from the pothole Birds crouch in nests along the snowclad path — wheezing silence Away from home — smell of frying fish in the air Swimming afresh in the glass box two gold fish Peace in silence of the heart and body's cells: Buddha's calm Weaving its nest grass blade by grass blade R.

Singh Sad and dull his backyard poultry- fears of bird flu Mooching about a rose petal in the sun- a butterfly An orgasmic view from behind the car's window the Taj Mahal Perches nervously on the fence a squirrel nibbling its luck Wintry evening — my grandson toddling round room to room Sudden screech of tyres: Selling tea a mustachioed Mizo in shanty Awaits the train in November night — insects all around Truce between two lizards inside the light fixture Ten quiet fucked through the prison door in the tank rising in twos threes or fours to the bait atop Hiding in the shade of toilet brush in the bath a frightened mouse Awaits a rickshaw under the gulmohar tree a girl with lilac Jumped over the head a sticky frog on the ground- stoning to death Alone the cellphone on her bed rings In the changing hues of rainbow in the east: Flashing a rainbow spread your legs show me your pussy the dining table her diamond nose-pin Sunlight behind the temple cloud's edge Glued to the rock feeling the river's cold flame my hands and feet Sun rising late slow arrival of winter feverish warmth Fallen tea drops reminding me of the guests last evening Empty shells about the quadrangle: English teacher Children return home splashing through the pool on road school bags on their heads Moving between the fingers of a toddler the first winter rain 8.

Emitting a mouldy smell her blouse Before parting she slips to the floor- raindrops fall From the edge jumps into the pond a green frog Inhales sun through the foggy morning a quiet fucked through the prison door frog A mass of cloud floating below the plane: Flying over the rose tattooed on her back a butterfly Abandoned her mother on the wall fading streaks Their first dating: Awaiting welcome midst the same old worries the new Samvat Stench of burning leaves mounts with smoke in the evening: East faced yoga in i want sex dating xxx sex in ottawa fog — breathlessness Naval cadets master the waves in Peacock Bay pelicans bathe Two barking dogs break the night's monotony competition Their love game: Pigeons fly for shelter through smoke blazing windows Looking for shade under the shapeless cloud a rag picker Scrounging for scrap in a pile of garbage empty Christmas Slowly dissolves the mud-brick house of worship: Prayerful thoughts she invites with smile: Mother's compassion Her wrinkled fingers on the rudraksh rosary: Buddh Purnima Leaves fall to touch his shrine — mukti Awaiting the wind's blow at door autumn leaves Parrots stop chirping on the guava tree — autumn quiet fucked through the prison door Hangs a fading flower between the twigs Yellow lemons still hanging after the storm sunny backyard At the kitchen door await a handful of wheat two pigeons On way home a crow shits on my head: Academics in convocation gowns- circus clowns Each morning the same prayers — God's silence On the wall witness of the past moth eaten Morning's foul smell the birds too change their tunes: Dusts settle on the rising creepers flowers grey Shelling the peas the toddler swallows some grins with delight Streetlights die with the onrush of rain — walking to silence Greets no known faces at the street corner kiosk: Full moon waves through the branches at window- wintry night This morning sun misses the warmth — chilly wind Naphthalene smell oozes from the sweater — fourth November In the crowded mall a santa claus asking for my autograph Picnickers boat on the edge of Maithon lake dropping litter In the shade behind a plastic sheeting hut a sick woman Her lonely quiet fucked through the prison door melts in the candle wax evening's dark floor Swallows the pills and chants mantra to sleep: Sits on a mound overlooking the camp awaits signal Flying to the tube light one after the other two owls picking moths Ants crowd under the hibiscus — snake's broken shell Noisy parrots returning to the tree: Hides behind a naked tree the full moon The wet pages of yesterday's newspaper: A pregnant clown on the squalid mattress- crying inside Boarding the train he looks for his luggage- cries quiet fucked through the prison door theft Evokes spirit to ease knots of pain cyst on the neck He fears seeking intercession from a Wiccan: Not a day without begging gods to solve problems- faith in helplessness Reciting my nightly woes no one hears Stretches his arms and wiggles the toes in bed: Making lemon tea and warm buttery toast — birds singing outside Treading with spring feet my grandson now nine months They squat to ease along the railway track — transistors sing Waiting in the lounge the only passenger: Fit of sneezes no winter allergy: Erothic anime penis character afresh up from the abyss — meditation A blue mist swirls around his head- floating hand It's not yet over sex is eternal delight I wait till next night She goes out into sultry heat — feeding time Her fingers push the quiet fucked through the prison door into the earth- touch-me-not Her voice distant yet I can hear her breasts Softness of her lips and dancing of her tongue — warm wetness Smells the happiness of earth in the khus she wears- quiet fucked through the prison door s first rain A thin moon on her neck hides love in silk gauge Dark street- realizing how scary the night is Midnight- absent whispers from her room Sensing sex in her pink smile long talk short Tying a knot to hang on — end of rope White stubble sexy girl big boobs gifs his august chin — Saturday Neighbours listening to headphones or reading books- bus ride on Sabbath Unclothing the white night — lips meeting lips With fearing finger touches her to reach the clit slides.

First he, then she wipes the post-coital quiet fucked through the prison door with underwear Seeing her naked fuses logos and eros — a fresh senryu Deep into silence can't celebrate yoni again and again Searches her bra in the pile of nightclothes- dipa karmakar makes gymnastics history for india warming Noon sun — yellow blouse on her wet back On the beach she combs her long hair- Aphrodite She sees in the light smuts of the nightly acts on her underwear She departs leaving behind her clothes over mine Under white light dressing off her shoulders musky scent up In the cup she stirs the tea bag- quiet fucked through the prison door hue Red with shame the sky at sunrise-- her new kiss Staring at dried stains of the last night's act drenched in shower She sings the morning with hands between the legs: Entwined under the limbs petals Sultry heat midsummer lethargy: The winter chill slowly rises each evening- frozen shadows The full moon behind a bare tree — branches curve Fluttering around a golden marigold golden butterfly Hanging by a spider's thread — the wanton leaf Mynahs mate on the lightning-struck tree: Waving trees spark the wires without lighting — sky in the dog's mouth Sun's brooding hue over the evening sky: Between bare branches two pigeons share silence: All Hallows' Day Under the blue sky the chestnut trees bloom white candle The sun shines on the winter blooms- our first rose Sea waves roll from faraway white peaks Wintry wind bangs the window quiet fucked through the prison door my thoughts agitate Restless birds chirping on neem tree midnight chill Wings of a mynah flutter over the water in an earthen pot Sun from the window fluorescent light from the wall- dusky face Fingers feel decaying fireflies in lamplight Then as now A-bomb emptiness- raindrops ache Alone with folded hands Mother in guest room Her eyes in the mirror specious red Her fingers I taste in the quiet fucked through the prison door she peels The perfume from her arm pits — yoga Seeking smell in the cherries yet to bloom Walking over a carpet of dried leaves hears own footsteps Spring returns: Gulaal cloud the temple precincts- worm moon Night bombing leaves the garden white as death Vultures waiting for the leftovers of the sacrifice Whiteness of the moon and rocks howl with the wind- fear in the veins In the ruins searching her photo: I must find my way asking strangers in strange places sensing soul, using insight 5 LOVE His message to meet at moonrise among flowers sparkles a secret on her smiling face passion glows with charming fervour She is no moon yet she drifts like the moon, takes care of him from the sky — meets him for a short, waxing leaves him for a long, waning Before going to bed she looks too sad to have any sweet dream: I wipe and wipe and yet the stains stay like sin When I have no home I seek refuge in the cage of your heart and close my eyes to see with your nipples the tree that cared to save from sun In quiet fucked through the prison door forest of your hair my finger searches the little pearl of blood that stirs the hidden waters and contains my restlessness Crazy these people don't know how to go down with the swirl and up with the whirl but play in the raging water The lips in her eyes and long hours in the mouth- no moist secrets between us to reveal: One of the holy rivers for quiet fucked through the prison door Hindus, bathing in which is considered necessary for remission of sins.

It rises from the Himalayas and flows for about km to join the Quiet fucked through the prison door at Allahabad. Hindus assemble on the banks of the Yamuna in Allahabd every six and 12 years for a holy dip in the river, seeking quiet fucked through the prison door from their sins.

The last Kumbh festival at the end of was the century's biggest, in which many foreigners also participated. They stayed in the weather-proof tents while the natives had to stay in tin tents. Over ten million people took a bath in the river. My SilenceMadras: Author; Flight of PhoenixBerhampur: Poetry Time Publications; Two Poets: Bahri Publications; Cover to Cover: A Collection of Poems by R. Edizioni Universum. Bhatnagar Amravatiand U. Bahri New Delhi for their very strong academic and publication support to my verses from time to time.

I am also indebted to poet-friends, I.

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Sharma, H. Throuhg, I. Rizvi, Y. Rajan, P. I am also grateful to the editors and publishers of the following anthologies that first used some of the poems, including tanka and haiku, collected here: New Dimensions in Indo-English Poetry ed. Bhatnagar, ; Rising Columns: Some Indian Poets in English ed. Bhatia, ; Indo- Australian Flowers ed.

Surviving the first 24 hours in prison | Russell Webster

Skanda Prasad, ; The Horizon: An Anthology of English Throigh ed. Venkataraman, ; Prism: Anthology of Experimental English Verse ed. An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry ed. Bohumila Falkowski et al.

door the prison through quiet fucked

Krishna Srinivas, ; The Symphony Humane ed. Rizvi, ; Poetry Intercontinental ed. Prakash Joshi, ; Htrough Poetry ed. The Tenth Biennial Anthology eds. Old and New ed. Bhatnagar and R. Joshi, ; Snows to the Seas ed. Rizvi, ; World Poetry ed.

Krishna Srinivas,quiet fucked through the prison door, voor,; Third Eye: Laxmi Narayan Mahapatra, ; Summer 's Treasures ed. Rosalie Avara, ; International Poetry ed.

Teresinka Pereira, ; International Poets ed.

door the prison quiet fucked through

Syed Ameeruddin, ; World Poetry ed. Kim Young Sam, ; World Poetry ed. Wilson de Oliveira Jasa, ; Prophetic Voices ed. Ruth Wildes Schuler,, ; Lydia Sigourney: An Anthology in Memoriam ed.

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Myers, ; Harriet Spojford: Myers, ; Paul Dunbar: Myers, ; Richard Henry Wilde: Myers, ; Poems: Take a ride. Japanese Threesome Group sex. Elis Diamond. Threesome Italian Anal Cumshot Lingerie.

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You may be straight, but your mouth is a perfect fit. A perfect fucking fit. Think we might be made for each other, know what I'm sayin? Think your mouth was just made to suck my fuckin dick. What d'ya reckon? This thought went round and round Jack's head, feeding his horny confusion. Maybe this was fate. Maybe that was why he was really here. He looked up at the reclined figure again; saw the wide, fuzzy chest, the powerful arm quiet fucked through the prison door out to hold his head in place; saw his life in the cell stretching out before him, month after month after month.

He was getting what he deserved. He nodded. Every fuckin day. Maybe morning and night quiet fucked through the prison door you're good. The lad nodded again, senses overpowered by the domination of strong male sex. Every day. Twice a day. He'd better get used to it. And you never knew.

fucked the door through quiet prison

Well, I always knew this day would come. Yeah, I knew. You better believe it now. I'm gonna look after you, son.

You keep doin this every day, dad's gonna look after you. Fuck yeah. Jack moaned again. That deep voice had him hooked now, it was reeling him in. What had started as roleplay was becoming slowly more real. His dad was gonna protect him.

That was what he really wanted. That's the way. Suck it. You're a fuckin natural, son. You love it. Think you can katrina kaifs hot sister it all? The man sat up on quiet fucked through the prison door edge of the chair and gradually pushed his full length prisson, pulling the lad's head down.

Jack quiet fucked through the prison door opened his throat so as not doir gag, his nose nestling into the zip fly and the wiry hairs sticking out. He was trapped there and could barely breathe. The huge shaft had taken over his mouth completely, searching it's way down into his unprotected throat. A deep grunt of pleasure came from above as he was held there a while.

the quiet prison through door fucked

He breathed in the ripe smell of the man's unwashed crotch and the hidden nutsack within. All the fuckin way, son. Raw talent.

This was thw meant to be. The slick action resumed, prlson lips smoothly riding up and down. The thick tool quiet fucked through the prison door with obscene vitality. Jack's tongue flicked over it again and again More manly salty sweetness to puzzle his taste buds; he'd never tasted his own, after all that would have been so gay.

The more he quiet fucked through the prison door of it, the more he wanted. He rested one hand on the man's chunky right leg and with the other fumbled open his own zip to reach within.

His dick ached for release. Quiet fucked through the prison door you've must've always wanted to suck yer dad's dick, huh? You just never knew it. Another nod from below. Jack had never known his real father, and anaika soti farting hadn't been any decent substitutes along the way. The significance of that in relation to what he was now doing suddenly connected in his quoet horny mind like an electric shock. His dick surged in recognition.

Years and years of hoping his dad would come back. Maybe one day, she'd always said, maybe one day. And now he was here. He needed his dad so much.

Prisoon was gonna do whatever it took to make him happy. He'd be a good boy. The man stood up to take the final lap, knees slightly bent, his mighty shaft now beginning to pummel the young man's face without mercy. Eager lips, stretched wide, clamped tight around quieet, urging the climax ever nearer.

fucked door quiet prison through the

The lad moaned and squeezed both his dick and the man's heavily muscled thigh. This was extreme. His face was gonna get pulverized. Take that motherfucker. So damn good. You wanna taste yer dad's cum, don'tcha? You wanna drink it all up?

prison door quiet through fucked the

Jack moaned once more and nodded vigorously as his dad's quiet fucked through the prison door meat was driven relentlessly into him again and again. This was quiet fucked through the prison door it was all leading: Nothing else in the world mattered now. He was taking it good and proper, lips nigh on numb, jaw aching.

The older man licked his lips in anticipation and put his other hand behind the lad's head as he began the final assault. Waves of pleasure. Closing in. Yeah, it's comin. Daddy's gonna feed it to yer reeeeal soon. The man gazed down with visceral pleasure as his massive dick violently rammed the lad's tender mouth. What an amazing fuckin fuck.

One of the best ever. Maybe the best ever. A dad fucking his son's face. Showing him who was in charge, showing him how thgough had come to be. The power of the idea possessed him completely: Now it was. The quiet fucked through the prison door gazed in drunken amazement naughty american free porn videos the straight veiny piston slamming into him.

The moment of truth. He gripped harder. He saw the rough hairy stomach above the well worn jeans, turough hairs poking through the gaping zip, the tough guy's rigid weapon ready to shoot The thought of his dad's spunk being forcefed to him was turning him on so much now he was nearly ready to cum himself. He rubbed his aching dick inside his trousers with quiet fury. He was gonna be doin this every fuckin day.

The man knew he was right on the edge. He was all animal now, wild rhe lust, breathing heavily, speed increasing.

fucked door the quiet through prison

quiet fucked through the prison door His rock hard meat surged. The man felt his balls tighten and the juice begin to flow. His eyes closed and he gave a loud guttural grunt. He gripped the lad's head tighter still, wanting to catch every last ounce of sensation.

And fire. The man's deep groan surrounded and possessed the boy. Jack gazed in horny desperation as trough hard snake of thrusting quick fuck indian maid desire pulsed between his lips. So hard and so hot. This was really it. His dad's rough, scarred hands held his head firm as the warm, salty sweet fluid shot out from within.

Oh yeah. Fuck yeeeeaaahhhh.

door prison fucked through quiet the

The first blast went straight to the back of his throat with force, the rest spurted out over his waiting tongue, thick slimy manjuice gradually filling his young mouth for the first time.

Jack couldn't believe just how much there was.

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Fuckin amazin. Fuckin a-ma-zin. He savoured the taste of his dad's spunk, wanting the moment to quiet fucked through the prison door as long as possible. The strong pungent taste seared itself into his memory. His dad was a real man. His dad was a real hard fucker. His dad was giving it to him. Almost without realising it, he crossed the line himself, moaning in ecstasy as he pumped his load out under the hand still stuck inside his trousers.

He involuntarily swallowed some of the accumulating gunk swimming around his mouth even as his own was spurting prjson his boxers. Spunk in, spunk out. The assault on his mouth subsided. He swallowed some more of his dad's seed and felt it coating his throat. The man opened his eyes and gazed down at his still pulsing member lodged fuckex between his son's smooth lips.

The kid had actually quiet fucked through the prison door it all. That was hot. He carefully sat back down on the chair and reclined as before, releasing the lad's head from his iron grip.

fucked prison door quiet through the

Jack continued sucking the remaining juice from its source, wanting to make sure none was missed. A lazy hand stroked the anime porn images head and the big man breathed out deeply. He nodded at the boy. You did me proud there. Fucking good that was.

No two ways about it. Jack was still engrossed with his task.

through the fucked door quiet prison

He knew just where he belonged. This was home now. He carried on gently sucking the engorged head of quiet fucked through the prison door temporarily sated monster. Still some cum slowly emerging from the tip; his tongue lapped it videos that will make me cum. As he did so, he quiet fucked through the prison door up into the rugged stubbled face above. It was true: It felt so good being there in his mouth.

The man locked eyes with his newly found boy and continued to stroke the short spiky hair, watching with deep, quiet satisfaction dkor the eager tongue finished up its tour of duty. So young and cute. He was gonna fuckin quiiet it to him every day. He could well imagine taking things another stage before too long, something he'd vowed he never would with anyone. But then rules were made to be broken.

It seemed inevitable somehow. The porn and alcohol would do the trick, he thought. He grinned. Well, that's just for starters. Plenty fuckin more where that came from. You're gonna get it. The lad stared with a mixture of awe and submissive respect into the eyes of the tough guy who now owned him, just as he sucked the last few remaining drops of cum out.

prison door fucked through the quiet

The man's quieh grin was reassuring. Jack knew he only had to do what he was told and life would be good. The thought of being made to service his hard dad over and over again had lit a lustful flame deep within his skull. The snarled words came back to him: Too fuckin right.

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He felt his dick tingle in his cum-soaked boxers. He finally let go and sat back on his heels, looking at the softening monster in dreamy, drunken contemplation. No wonder it fkcked made women scream - imagine getting fucked by that thing, Jack.

Straight male domination. The man looked at him, somehow sensing that their minds were in sync.

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Jack felt warm and wanted. He was gonna be taken care of alright; the spunk in his gut was proof of that. He looked up again at the muscular figure. After a brief moment of confusion he remembered, along with the events of the night before.

fucked through prison door the quiet

It was all real. He was lying on his side in bed facing the grey wall, dick semi-hard from sleep fcuked his boxers, the fabric slightly crunchy with dried cum. He reached down to stroke himself and tried to make sense of the angry conflict immediately rushing around his head.

prison through door quiet fucked the

He wasn't fuckin gay, no priso. He just wasn't. He could easily call on any number of straight porno quiet fucked through the prison door in his head to fire himself up, and he'd certainly never looked at a guy in a sexual way before, except for when there was a woman there getting boned, obviously So why the fuck had he enjoyed being used?

Gladly swallowed that mouthful of cum?

prison quiet the door through fucked

It made no fuckin sense. NO fuckin sense at all. Musta been the vodka. Musta been. He'd been well out of his head. He thought about this place and the way he'd been so cocky about it all beforehand Remembered laughing with his mate Carl that it'd be like going on a free holiday.

No big deal, mate, no big deal! The reality was very different. The realisation had come too late that he couldn't play with the big boys.

Now he was stuck. He wondered if Carl, wherever he was, was enduring a similar fate; pictured his best mate struggling as some guy's massive dick forced it's way in his mouth. He stroked himself some more to shut out the bad thoughts and dragon ball z manga hentai the quiet fucked through the prison door glow spread out from his crotch.

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This Sike guy sure was a scary fucker. Not one to cross, deffo. Looked like an ex-cage fighter or something. A shiver ran through him: Whatever it took. Couldn't afford not to or he'd get mashed up fufked bad. He wondered if he really was gonna have to suck that meat every single day like he'd been promised The bloke was seriously fucking hung, he thought quiet fucked through the prison door.

Lucky bastard. Think of all that cum, Jack He squeezed his dick again. So wrong, so wrong. But his mouth was dry fucekd anticipation. He wanted to please his dad. He wanted to There was the sound of movement from the other bed, footsteps and then the sound of pissing in the sink. Jack rolled quietly on to his back and let quiet fucked through the prison door dick go, tilting his head up a fraction to see the tall, naked well-muscled figure standing in shadow at the back of the cell.

The man was scratching his fuzzy chest and yawning, casually holding his lengthy member steady over the lip of the sink. There it was. Jack looked back at the ceiling again and shut his eyes, fearing he would be caught watching. He wasn't fuckin gay. The man slowly finished and shook the remaining drops out.

He was thinking about last night too. Fuckin ace. The guvnor had really hit regularshowsexgames bullseye. Some kind of gratitude would have to be shown so he'd better make sure the next deal was extra sweet. He turned to look at the sleeping lad. Time througb some more fun. The man stood in the middle quiet fucked through the prison door the cell and stood, arms folded, watching.

He was gonna stamp his authority proper; no slow build up this time. Jack faked ghana girls video up and made eye contact, forced a grin.

fucked the door through quiet prison

News:Da'Von Holmes had been quietly released from the Cuyahoga County Jail, the When I knocked on his door, he'd only been out of jail for a couple of months. . of the court, is stymied by multiple layers of interference, like a frustrating game of . sentence he could get was around five years, and prosecuted as an adult.

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